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Spares & Accessories

A range of accessories for all Grammer seats, including items such as headrests, armrests, seat belts, turntables, document boxes, and much more.

Additionally, a huge variety of replacement parts for all seats are available, including damper kits, air valves, slide rails, air springs, level controls, handles, cushions etc., as well as complete suspension units.

For more details on what is available for your seat, please refer to our spare parts enquiry form here.

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Avento Sports Suspension - MSG65

The Grammer Avento sports suspension.

Seats for sport boats must meet particularly demanding requirements. When traveling at high speeds, maximum attenuation of vibrations to absorb rough jolts is crucial for ergonomic, fatigue-free and healthy sitting.

Grammer Armrests

Armrest kits suitable for almost all Grammer seats, available in a range of different sizes and mountings

Grammer Headrest

A variety of headrests and backrest extensions in different designs and materials suitable for almost all Grammer seats

Grammer Heavy Duty Turntable

Turntable suitable for Grammer seats. Available with 180 or 360 degree turning.

Movito D

For measuring vibrations of Grammer suspension seats to measure operator comfort and safety

MSG95AL Suspension

Premium Grammer air suspension MSG95AL unit. Suitable as a replacement part.