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The full range of Grammer seats suitable for trains, locomotives and other rail vehicles, including both and passenger seats. Includes popular models such as the MSG90.3 and MSG85 driver seats, and the IC3000 passenger seats often found originally fitted to many exisiting passenger trains globally.
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MSG90.6 Seat

Premium air suspension drivers seat for rail applications.

An innovative, friction-optimised suspension system based on leading-edge shock absorption and control technology delivers greater strength and stiffness for a longer service life and outstanding comfort.

MSG90.3 Seat

Comprehensive air suspension drivers seat for rail applications.

Ergonomically shaped cushions to meet all of modern workplace requirements. Pneumatic lumbar support with two independent air chambers, infinite height and depth adjustment. Adjustable seat cushion length to ease strain on the thighs.

MSG95/722 Seat

Premium air suspension drivers seat for rail applications.

The integrated compressor provides excellent operating convenience and suspension comfort at the press of a button, allowing the seat to reliably absorb vibrations and jolts. This safeguards the spine and enhances sitting comfort.

MSG85/722 Seat

Premium mechanical suspension drivers seat for rail applications.

The MSG 85/722 with mechanical suspension makes it easy for you to adjust the seat's stiffness by turning a crank without having to get up.


"Comfort and design for intercity transport"

The IC3000 offers comfort and design for intercity transport

R3000 Seat

"The seating concept for regional trains"

New platform of modular, functional designs for regional trains.

E3000 Seat

"The compact class for local and regional traffic"

Space-saving seating for densely populated train compartments, without compromising on comfort