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Maximo Professional Seat - MSG95AL/731

Premium mechanical suspension seat for all variants of agricultural machinery.

Suited for medium and heavy-duty tractors. This vibration-optimized air suspension is perfectly suited for use in heavy vehicles and tractors with axle and cabin suspensions.

Maximo XT Evolution Dynamic Seat - MSG95EL/741

Top of the range air suspension seat for all variants of agricultural machinery, complete with dynamic damping system for unrivalled vibration asorption.

Sensors and electronics for active weight adjustment are applied in a tractor seat for the first time. The fully automatic adjustment to the driver’s weight guarantees relaxed and healthy sitting whilst at work. The Maximo XT Evolution Dynamic offers an optional console for the mounting of a multi-functional armrest or vehicle's control arm.

MSG90.3 Seat

Comprehensive air suspension drivers seat for rail applications.

Ergonomically shaped cushions to meet all of modern workplace requirements. Pneumatic lumbar support with two independent air chambers, infinite height and depth adjustment. Adjustable seat cushion length to ease strain on the thighs.

MSG90.6 Seat

Premium air suspension drivers seat for rail applications.

An innovative, friction-optimised suspension system based on leading-edge shock absorption and control technology delivers greater strength and stiffness for a longer service life and outstanding comfort.

MSG95/722 Seat

Premium air suspension drivers seat for rail applications.

The integrated compressor provides excellent operating convenience and suspension comfort at the press of a button, allowing the seat to reliably absorb vibrations and jolts. This safeguards the spine and enhances sitting comfort.

Primo EL Plus Seat - MSG75/731

Top of the range low-profile air suspension seat for light plant and construction machinery, and material handling applications. A low-frequency suspension offers unrivalled vibration asorption.

The broad, ergonomic seat cushions and the height and angle adjustable armrests optimally support the body, and the backrest angle is adjustable from -5° to +30°.