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Maximo Evolution Active

Maximo Evolution Active
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Grammer Maximo Evolution Active

The Maximo Evolution active sets a new milestone in the Grammer Maximo series in terms of ergonomics and suspension comfort. Featuring a suspension with EAC (Electronic Active Control), this seat slashes vibrations by an average of 40 percent compared to proven low frequency suspensions. Intense jolts are attenuated by up to 75 percent. The active weight adjustment adjusts the seat to the driver's weight completely automatically. This lets the seat's suspension system work optimally, providing for greater ergonomics and safety. The active climate control removes body moisture so the user will never again have to sit drenched in sweat. On cold days the integrated seat heating keeps you snug. The Maximo Evolution active is characterized by "Design for Use" - the controls are designed so the user can tell by touch how they work and which way to move them. Each has a unique shape to prevent them from getting mixed up. All controls are located where you would intuitively expect them.


  • Electronically active controlled air suspension - automatically adapts to all terrains (12V compressor)
  • Electronically automatic seat positioning system
  • 120mm vertical suspension stroke
  • Weight adjustment 50-130kg
  • Shock absorber
  • Air assisted height adjustment - 80mm
  • Electronic weight adjustment
  • Lateral suspension
  • Horizontal suspension
  • Fore and aft isolator
  • Adjustable damper
  • Swivel - ±20°
  • Slide rail adjustment - 210mm
  • Pneumatic air lumbar support
  • Seat heating
  • Active climate system
  • Operator presence switch (OPS)
  • Integrated backrest extension
  • Backrest angle adjustment
  • Adjustable seat cushion length & angle
  • Height adjustable and foldable armrests, with fabric cover
  • Suspension cover
  • Document holder
  • Wide fabric cushions - 550mm


  • Static or retractable lap belt



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